Production of electric power

One of the first groups in Greece who worked
on the development of renewable energy projects.


The activities of the group are covering all the stages, which are necessary to develop and operate renewable energy projects. Specifically these include:

  • flow measurements for hydropower potential estimation
  • wind mast installation and wind measurements for wind potential estimation
  • renewable energy studies
  • feasibility studies
  • environmental impact assessment studies
  • design of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects
  • supervision of construction works of RES projects
  • operation of RES projects
  • maintenance of RES projects

Today the Group:

  • operates 3 SHPP with a total power of 6,6 MW and two photovoltaic parks with a total power of 867 KW
  • constructs one PV project of 821,1 KW total power
  • develops several RES projects: 15.13 MW of small hydro and 90.85 MW of wind parks
  • evaluates new locations, that may have potential for RES projects
  • evaluates energy investments in Greece
  • evaluates energy investments in the Balkans in general

To achieve its objectives, the group has a wide network of specialist partners in Greece and Europe.